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Meet Our Drivers

Your safety is our top priority.
Let us introduce you to our highly qualified drivers.


Driver / Company Founder

Todd has driven professionally, if there is such a thing, for over 5 years.  He started driving for Passengers in the crazy Las Vegas.  Through trial and error, he was able to create his own database.  Some very famous people and not-so-famous people.  People from America’s Got Talent, to Vegas Headliners, and everything in between.  […]

At gearfusion we pride ourselves with being on-time both for arrivala and departures. We always show up and give the best customer service. We are the best in Orlando bar none.

By offering exceptional service with attention to detail.  gearfusion offers sanitized and exceptionally clean vehicles.  Our vehicles are detailed daily so you never have to experience what you have with the other guys.  Our vehicles are always serviced to keep them reliable. If there is the slightest issue, we immediately take them to the dealership for a proper safety repair. Todd insists on the customer’s safety when in our vehicles.